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Working with Aleah's Beauty Shot

August 02, 2020


Aleah is a phenomenal model. It was my wife who found her initially on Facebook. When I first saw her, I was amazed by her looks. I knew right there that I wanna work with her. She has this exquisite look. It must be the freckles and the way she expresses herself.

To be honest I was a little bit hesitant to ask at first. I was afraid she would reject me if I ask, or her agency will find me not worthy enough of their time. I asked anyway, and I'm glad I did. Her agency gave us an approval.

Shoot Day

She came to my place along with her mom. They drove from Indiana to Chicago. I feel bad that they have to settle with a basement setup, but that's what I had. I was confident though that we will get great photos. We did multiple looks: clean beauty, edgy beauty, and some half body looks for agency use. My wife did the makeup by the way. During the shoot, Aleah was really easy to direct with and she acted very natural in camera.

Here's the setup

  • Canon 6D
  • 102mm (70-200 Canon f/2.8L II)
  • ISO 100
  • f/11
  • Clamshell setup with Einstein and Mola beauty dish
  • Foam core for fill
  • Backlight with Einstein and red gels
  • Retouch with dodge and burn and frequency separation
  • Edgy look concept

I and my wife really enjoyed working with Aleah and her mom. I'm hoping one day we'll cross our paths again and create wonderful memories.

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